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Unveiling our elevated brand: SURJ Sports Investment

We are now known as SURJ Sports Investment.

Our elevated identity represents our growth as a company, and our ever-advancing vision for the future of sport. It crystallizes our dedication to pushing boundaries, embracing innovation, and delivering exceptional value to our stakeholders.

It also reflects our upward growth trajectory, commitment to an exciting future, and successes to date. We made our inaugural investment in PFL in 2023, bringing one of the fastest growing players in combat sports to the region. The investment has seen the launch of a brand new regional league, the PFL MENA League – kicking off tomorrow, creating pathways to the top that simply never existed before – especially for our local talent. This aligns with our mandate to advance the sports ecosystem in Saudi Arabia and the wider MENA region.

This and all our achievements to date are testament to the hard-work, vision and determination of our sports-obsessed team, and we use this launch of the elevated brand to mark the next stage of our journey in advancing sports on a global scale.

As part of this transformation, we have launched a redesigned website (, offering a seamless user experience that reflects our renewed brand identity. Our new look is also reflected across our social media channels, showcasing our dynamic approach and forward-thinking vision. We are incredibly proud of the journey we continue to be on and the opportunities that lie ahead for SURJ Sports Investment. Watch this space for more game-changing investments.